Thursday, February 11, 2010

Letter rejected by AARP The Magazine

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Here is the letter that was rejected by AARP The Magazine about two food articles in the January & February 2010 issue (the benefits of fish and saving money at the supermarket):

"The article on saving at the supermarket could have alerted shoppers to the use of antibiotics in chickens that can affect human health, and advised them to watch for the occasional sale on birds raised on vegetarian feed and without antibiotics, priced between conventional and organic poultry.

"Australian lamb and beef are free range and grass fed, contain no antibiotics or growth hormones, and are usually priced below U.S. cuts.

"Your article on the safety of fish omitted the mighty little sardine, which is low in mercury and versatile. It's equally at home in a sandwich or with pasta. Just add two to three cans of sardines for each 32 ounce jar of sauce, enough for one pound of pasta."

Victor E. Sasson
Hackensack, N.J. 07601

Author of  http://doyoureallyknowwhatyoureeating/

The magazine, which calls itself the world's largest, responded by saying "space limitations restrict us from printing all of the comments we receive."

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