Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lamb tacos in 45 seconds

We love lamb -- especially the free-range, grass-fed stuff from Australia sold at Costco and ShopRite -- but cooking it at home is a challenge. I enjoy it medium rare, even rare, but my wife and son insist on lamb that shows no sign of blood -- in other words, well done.

taco truckImage by el_en_houston via Flickr
Last time I cooked boneless leg of lamb from Costco, I cut it into two pieces, then the pieces into thick slices, coating them with Sweet Mesquite Seasoning, also from Costco. I put half the slices in the oven at 375 degrees and after 20 minutes, I put my slices in. I still managed to overcook all of it -- mine came out medium.

Today, after my son came home from school, I made lamb tacos from my leftovers, slicing the meat really thin, placing a half-dozen pieces on a handmade flour tortilla from Trader Joe's and pouring on Goya Salsa Taquera (hot).

They went into the microwave for exactly 45 seconds (no need to cover them) and I garnished them with a little chopped parsley and onion (I didn't have fresh cilantro) before rolling them up and gobbling them down. With tacos this good, you won't need a tacos truck in your neighborhood (photo).

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  1. Victor, which Shoprite has the Australian Lamb? I gave up on grocery stores to buy lamb a long time ago and now go to Aqsa Halal Meat across from Al Safa restaurant on Main Street in South Paterson.

  2. Why don't you call or go to the one in Rochelle Park. I'm not that familiar with the one in Paramus, but you might want to call. Unfortunately, ShopRite packages the Australian lamb the same way as U.S. lamb so you have to look carefully. Also, I'm not sure how many cuts you will find. Costco always has a rack of lamb and leg of lamb, and sometimes loin lamb chops (2 inches thick). Leg of lamb is reasonably priced, so you might want to look for that at ShopRite.

  3. I actually live closer to the one in Rochelle Park, so that is the one I go to. Unfortunately it's always hit or miss, either they have a few good cuts or there is nothing. I will have to take another look next time I go.

  4. Yes, I know. You're welcome to come with me to Costco one day, and you can buy whatever I buy as my guest.

  5. Costco tends to have the NZ lamb all the time, which is great. Either leg or rack, and at a better price than ShopRite generally. Your homemade tacos sound absolutely delicious. Makes me think perhaps it's time for some lamb next week..

  6. Yes. Costco is more consistent and prices are always low. That rack of lamb is wonderful if you cut apart the chops, which take only minutes in the oven and melt in your mouth.


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