Saturday, February 13, 2010

A beautiful rotisserie chicken

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Our dinner last night was a rotisserie chicken from Whole Foods Market in Paramus and it was a revelation. This bird was raised in Pennsylvania on vegetarian feed and without antibiotics, and it's moist throughout, simply the best I've tasted in North Jersey.

A whole chicken yields at least two meals in our house. We eat all of the dark meat for dinner, plus the back, and use the leftover white meat for baguette sandwiches or quick tacos. Last night, we served the chicken  with quick-baked sweet potatoes, organic salad greens and a Whole Foods organic baguette ($1.79 on sale, cheaper than Balthazar Bakery's $2  baguette, but not as good).

The bird weighs only 1.75 pounds after cooking and costs $7.99 -- 50 cents more than when the store opened in March. But it's well worth it. The leg and thigh pulled easily away, as did the wings, and the white meat remained moist even after three minutes in the microwave.

Our bird was prepared with an herb rub, which includes rosemary, thyme, parsley, sea salt and paprika. The seasoning was perfect. And a glass or two of Chateau Bellevue bordeaux made it even more enjoyable. I want to thank my frugal friend Jay, who recommended this chicken. He's tasted them all.
Here is the Web Site:  Whole Foods Market

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  1. To each his own. Or in this case her own. I received an e-mail from a friend about Whole Foods' rotisserie chicken.

    Hi Victor,

    We tried a rotisserie chicken from Whole Foods several months ago and found it inedible. It was the driest bird we had ever eaten. We went back to our Kings rotisserie chicken, also anti-biotic free, and as usual it was moist and juicy.

    So there you have it. One suggestion I have is to check the time stamp on the label Whole Foods puts on the rotisserie chicken container. The one I bought Friday was put out about two hours before I selected it.

  2. But my friend liked something else I recommended:

    Also, I am ashamed to say that I just got around to trying the sardines in spicy oil that we bought when we went to Paterson with you. Wow, they are the best sardines I have ever eaten!!

    She is referring to Al-Shark brand Moroccan sardines I buy for 99 cents at Fattal's Bakery at 975-77 Main Street.

  3. So I agree, the rotisserie chickens are yummy, but I have a granddaughter and I am concerned about growth hormones. Are these chickens given growth hormones? I doesn't say anywhere.

    1. No poultry is given growth hormones.

    2. And the USDA bans growth hormones to raise chickens, but doesn't ban antibiotics.


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