Monday, February 8, 2010

Farmers' Market bargains (revisited)

Stonyfield Farm is an organic yogurt maker loc...Image via Wikipedia

In my previous post on the Paterson Farmers' Market, "Follow the tracks to great food buys," I forgot to list another Stonyfield Farm yogurt item on sale at Eastern Groceries -- an 8-pack of organic YoKids Squeezers for $1.

And I was mistaken when I said the expiration date of the Earthbound Farm organic heirloom lettuce leaves was in four days (Feb. 10). That was the case for the organic spring mix I saw there, but when I went to use the lettuce last night, I saw the expiration date was Jan. 30.

Still, they made a beautiful salad last night and I used them again in breakfast sandwiches this morning. Unlike the more delicate spring mix beyond the expiration date, the lettuce showed no signs of deterioration and I plan to buy more in the future ($1 for 7 ounces).

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