Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hearty meals for winter days

A Well-Stocked FreezerImage by gsbright via Flickr

Some of my friends say I shop for food too often, but that gives depth to what I have in my freezer and refrigerator -- just what you need when a snowstorm keeps you in. (Photo: Not my freezer, but you get the idea.)

Our dinner last night came from the freezer -- drug-free turkey from Goffle Road Poultry Farm in Wyckoff. My wife covered the thighs and wings with jerk marinade, we roasted them for about an hour and served them with instant mashed potatoes and salads of Earthbound Farm organic spring mix.

There are leftovers -- perfect for quick turkey tacos with hand-formed tortillas from Trader Joe's and Goya Salsa Taquera.

Breakfast yesterday was sauteed cabbage, mustard greens and salted codfish, served with fritters my wife made from a few sweet bananas that had turned black on the counter.

This morning, my son made a tasty frittata with onion, tomato and leftover chicken sausage. I ate mine with Fattal's pocket bread, Costco taboule salad, kimchi and some wild salmon -- smoked and steamed.

I'll probably have a couple of turkey tacos for lunch, then check the freezer for what we'll be having for dinner tonight.
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