Friday, August 7, 2009

My kind of Mexican food

Don't remind me of some of the places where I've eaten Mexican food, especially soft tacos, both here and in Mexico. For a rico taquito, I have ignored questionable sanitation and cauldrons of mystery meat slow-cooking in lard. Lengua (tongue), cabeza (head) and other unusual parts make great tacos, I'm told.

So it was a pleasant surprise to take an online glimpse at the menu from Rocking Horse Cafe in Manhattan, an upscale Mexican restaurant that advertises on my food blog. What jumps out is not so much the dishes served, but how the origin of the food is listed, in contrast to most restaurants in North Jersey.

The restaurant serves KNK Farms free-range chicken, hand-made organic tortillas, Niman Ranch natural pork, Hudson Valley duck and Cedar River Farms natural hanger steak. I can't wait to eat there.

If you want great tacos and are willing to overlook a few things, head for one of the Brenda Lee taquerias in the city of Passaic.

Decoration is minimal and it's cash only. You order at the counter from a list of meats. The tacos are served with onions and cilantro -- no fillers like cabbage -- and the cooler has bottles of Mexican soda, which contains sugar, not high-fructose corn syrup. I usually order the carnitas, made with pork. Two salsas are served on the side and the green one is a blend of avocado and jalapeno peppers. A great salsa, a great taco.

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