Sunday, August 9, 2009

Going to the farm for a nice lunch

I visited Abma's Farm & Market on Saturday afternoon for Taste of the Farm Day, when all the food served was grown on the farm in Wyckoff. I was especially interested in the pig roast, because the animals are raised naturally. Prices were reasonable.

For lunch, which I ate at a picnic table under a tent, I bought a small pulled-pork sandwich ($1), a vegetable kabob ($1), an ear of bi-color corn in its charred husk ($1) and farm-made lemonade ($2). After I finished and walked around looking at the animals and rows of vegetables, I purchased six pork ribs to go ($1 each) and two more ears of corn (the first ear was the first corn I have had this summer that was sweet), placing them in a free Abma's Farm re-usable bag. Suggestion to Abma's: season the vegetables.

At the farm store, I bought salad greens and an herb garden, an oval pot with five herbs. There was more than enough basil to make a batch of pesto when I got home (see recipe, "Spread that pesto nice and thick").

Thumbs up to Abma's for the quality of the food at such reasonable prices and free samples of roasted beets and vegetables. Thumbs down to Abma's for having two pigs roasting in plain view, with the sun glinting off the crackling skin, and not selling the skin to the public. When I asked what happened to the skin, an employee told me it was reserved for the staff. When I asked if I could buy some, she said no.

Abma's obviously knows some people love the crunchy skin as much as the other parts. Please, share the wealth.

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