Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good deals at Trader Joe's in Paramus

If you're willing to brave the insane drivers slashing through traffic on Route 17, you'll find some good buys at Trader Joe's in Paramus.

I stopped for an item I haven't had in my refrigerator for many weeks, Trader Joe's sliced yogurt cheese with jalapenos ($4.69 for 12 ounces). This is one spicy cheese. But I also picked up Applegate Farms drug- and preservative-free, slow-cooked ham ($3.59 for 7 ounces), one of four Applegate Farms cold cuts priced under $4. They are good buys.

You'll also get a good deal on organic, free-range chicken drumsticks at $1.99 a pound, about the same as you'd pay for drug-free chicken that isn't free range or organic. But Trader Joe's 100% whole-grain, whole-wheat bread, at $2.49 a loaf, is 50 cents more than a similar product sold at Costco under the Kirkland label.

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