Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hunger pangs lead me to free food

Hunger pangs hit me on the way to completing an errand in Englewood around midday yesterday, but I didn't quiet them with a Jamaican patty, a Colombian empanada or a Greek gyro. Instead, I headed over to Jerry's Gourmet & More on South Dean Street to graze on free samples.

The big draws here are full-fat cheeses and spreads, as many as a dozen, the kind I don't buy and bring home because of their high calorie content and impact on my cholesterol. The brie was oozing, there was a big hunk of blue cheese, firm mozzarella (scamorza), several crackers and Jerry's had even put out cornichons (French for gherkins).

Then I headed to the back of the store for a few samples of bread and extra-virgin olive oils. I had hoped there would be a wine-tasting, but an employee was waiting on a customer who was buying by the case. Satisfied, I headed downtown to finish my errand.

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