Sunday, August 8, 2010

Did meat make us smarter?

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My wife and I haven't eaten meat since the end of February, relying on an abundance of seafood for our main source of protein. But a friend just sent me the following link to a piece on National Public Radio about the diet of our earliest ancestors. 

I am not going to quibble about all the points this report makes, but I will note the Neanderthals mentioned in the last sentence were easily superseded by smarter people who migrated to what is now Europe from the same region of Africa.

 Click on the link below:

Did meat makes us smarter?

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  1. I wouldn't exactly say eating meat makes you smarter. According to family lore, my ancestor Oog Oog Elson, of the Neanderthal Elsons, made himself a woolly mammoth omelet after a particularly successful hunting trip. But he forgot to remove the tusks and had to have his stomach pumped, or else I might not be here today. How smart was that?

  2. I guess you could say that omelet became a bone -- uh, tusk -- of contention. No yolk. In those days, you had to see the egg whites of the woolly mammoth's eyes to kill him with a spear.


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