Thursday, August 5, 2010

Frustrating search for fresh fruit

Jackfruit, the national fruit of Bangladesh.Image via Wikipedia

After dinner Wednesday night, I went searching for fresh fruit. I started at H Mart, the Korean supermarket near the Little Ferry Circle, because I also needed hot pepper paste with vinegar, just the thing to spice up the firm tofu I have been cooking.

With my wife and son away, I passed on the watermelons, afraid I couldn't finish one by myself. Ditto for the huge jack fruit, which I have never eaten. California peaches were shrink-wrapped a dozen to the tray, too many for me. I couldn't find New Jersey peaches, and the only blueberries were from Canada and Michigan. In August? Where are the Jersey blues?

I left the Korean store for ShopRite, which is on the way back to my Hacensack home, certain I could find Jersey fruit. I did find hard Jersey peaches that need ripening on my counter (69 cents a pound), but the blueberries came from Michigan and were two pints for $5, which is high. I bought one, along with a half-dozen peaches, and went home.

I emptied half of the blueberries into a bowl, and washed and ate them, but too many were soft. At least they were sweet. This afternoon, I ate the rest out of the plastic package after washing them, and they were sweet and a lot firmer.

The peaches are still hard, so I still need fruit.

(Photo: Jack fruit, the national fruit of Bangladesh.)

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  1. I was in Corrados a few weeks ago, they actually had decent looking fruit. Also on Railway Ave there was some decent fruit. Fairway had 2 lbs of peaches for a dollar but I think that deal is now over.

  2. Hi Victor,

    Blueberry season has been finished in NJ for a few weeks. Whole Foods seems to have the best (sweetest and firmest) of any market. The higher price is well worth it.

  3. I found the June 15 news release from the state Department of Agriculture online, and it puts the end of the Jersey blueberry season as mid-August. But it also notes the season started a week early this year.


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