Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Get out that indoor grill

Grilled EggplantImage by moria via Flickr

If you don't have an indoor, stove-top grill, you're missing out on simple dinners of fresh produce, moistened with extra-virgin olive oil and sprinkled with a little salt.

My all-vegetable dinner tonight included grilled eggplant from a farmers' market, thinly sliced carrots and fingerling potatoes -- from the size of a large marble to a thumb -- and ended with two small ears of super-sweet corn.

My nonstick grill with ridges is from All-Clad and covers two gas burners on my stove. I turn up each burner to medium, spray on canola oil and go to town. I boiled the potatoes for five to 10 minutes before grilling, then used the same water to steam the corn, which was from Costco.

As I grilled and turned the vegetables, I added the olive oil and salt. The eggplant flesh turns into custard. The other vegetables feel good in your mouth, with a nice bite. I drank a couple of glasses of red wine with them. Clean-up was easy.

Tomorrow, I can warm up the leftovers for a sandwich with Dijon mustard, low-fat cheese and fresh arugula from a farm stand.


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