Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Record picks a new food editor

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The food and entertainment editor of (201) magazine will replace Bill Pitcher as food editor at The Record of Woodland Park.

Susan Leigh Sherrill of Montclair told other writers on Friday she is the daily newspaper's new food editor, according to the online edition of The Paramus Post.

"We had a nice chat with Susan and were pleased to learn that she had just been promoted to food editor of The Record," Mel Fabrikant reported on the weekly's site.  

Sherrill opened Village Green CafĂ© and Caterers in 1989 in Ridgewood. In 2000, she sold the restaurant and embarked on a second career in community newspapers, becoming editor of  The Ridgewood News in the fall of 2001.  She later joined (201) magazine as food editor. 

The Record, The Ridgewood News and (201) are publications of North Jersey Media Group, which is owned by the Borg family.

Sherrill hasn't been listed yet on Page 2 of the Better Living features section in The Record. 

But her photo is shown on a blog she writes for NJMG. The newspaper employs a full-time restaurant reviewer -- a good thing, because if restaurant owners know Sherrill and give her special attention, any review she might do would be of questionable value to readers.

Her work appears online in the Table Talk blog  

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  1. Ahhh the Paramus Post, no less than 2 stories per week about Fairway Market. Does Mel get a discount on groceries there?

  2. I wouldn't be surprised. I think a Fairway ad appears on that paper's Web site.

    You never know which so-called journalists are eating or traveling for free, and which have their papers or whatever pay their way.

    The Record makes it clear it pays the tab for restaurant reviewers, though it severely restricts their spending, and used to forbid reviewers from purchasing alcohol on the paper's dime. As for The Record's travel editor, all bets are off. She has never stated that the paper pays for her trips, and Record employees who have free-lanced for her section have been seen on at least one press junket.

    I went to a demonstration at A Mano, that Neapolitan pizza place in Ridgewood, where free samples were given to me and other audience members. Then, I sat down, ordered a pie and salad, and paid my bill. But an editor for NJ Monthly magazine sat down with the owners and public relations people for a big meal. Did he pay?

  3. The Paramus Post actually disabled comments from visitors because many commented on the over exposure of Fairway. It is hard to accept a review as being impartial if the reviewer is not paying (whether their own money or that of their publication). Mel Fabrikant has an obsession with Fairway Market; the only question is what fuels this obsession. Is it advertising dollars, free groceries, or both?

  4. Excellent questions. As both you and I know, Fairway is so far from perfect, it's not funny, and their New York attitude doesn't stop.


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