Thursday, March 18, 2010

Trader Joe's is still on my list

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Before we pledged to eat meatless meals more than two weeks ago, Trader Joe's was a reliable source for uncured, preservative-free bacon, hot dogs and cold cuts, and incredible, naturally raised, fully cooked St. Louis-style ribs from the Niman Ranch -- all at good prices.

When I found myself in Westwood yesterday, I dropped into the Trader Joe's there to see what else might help us diversify our homemade dinners.

I went looking right away for one of our favorites -- sliced yogurt cheese with jalapeno ($4.69) -- and discovered shredded soy three-cheese blend ($3.79), and other soy cheeses for future shopping trips. I also picked up some great hand-made tortillas -- flour and whole wheat ($2.49 each) and habanero lime ($2.69).

And I bought another bottle of raw organic agave sweetener ($2.99) , which is terrific over yogurt or pancakes, and Trader Joe's premium extra-virgin olive oil ($7.99 for 32 ounces). The front label says imported from Italy, but on the side, it lists four countries for the product: Italy, Spain, Argentina and Greece.

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  1. There is not a Trader Joe's in Hillsdale. Or "Trander Joe's," as you call it. Do you mean Kings?

  2. You're right. It's in Westwood, near Hillsdale. I was at the bagel place in Hillsdale before I went to Trader Joe's, and just thought it was in the same town. Don't you love all these little towns to get lost in? I've corrected the post. Here's the address: 20 Irvington St., Westwood.

  3. All these little towns are the reason our property taxes are through the roof!

  4. Exactly. And I don't see how the towns are going to cut their costs unless they summarily fire all their superintendents and police and fire chiefs and do some consolidation and cooperative ventures. In short, it doesn't look like Christie's property tax cut is going to come anytime soon, if at all. Another political bullshit artist is going to make everyone's life miserable for the next four years (except the rich).

  5. Victor, I am actually glad Christie cut aid to the towns, now all he has to do is match those cuts in Trenton. The taxpayers have had enough of paying the prices for mismanagement of funds and parasites who make a fortune off of bullshit government jobs. I agree with you, the towns now need to make appropriate cuts through consolidation. How much longer do these imbeciles in office think this is going to go on? Are taxes going to go up another 100% in less than 20 years? How do they expect anyone to live here?


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