Sunday, March 7, 2010

Is this restaurant a honey?

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We had dinner last night in an Iranian grocery store with several tables that calls itself Honey Mediterranean Gourmet & Market.

The tables, which seat 20 to 25 people, seem to be an afterthought. Service in this family run place was well-meaning but slow. We were seated at a glass table near the front door, which proved drafty when a group of six or seven people took their time leaving.

We told the waitress we didn't want to eat meat, but could have fish, and she pointed out meatless soups, appetizers and an entree on the limited menu. My wife and I  liked everything we had, but the real specialties here are kabobs of well-seasoned beef and lamb, filet mignon and chicken, and the place was filled with their cooking aroma and the sound of Iranian music.

Frankly, I am all kabobed out, if there is such a word. Every Syrian, Lebanese, Armenian, Turkish and Iranian restaurant in North Jersey offers kabobs, but at most places you can find much more interesting food that isn't served on a skewer.

When we sat down, the waitress brought us a plate of parsley and raw onion (to eat with our meal, we were told), and a tasty, round flat bread baked in the restaurant. We got a second one with our soup, a thick preparation of spinach, cilantro, parsley, noodle, bean and lentil called ash reshteh. My son -- a soup-lover -- only had a couple of spoonfuls.

We tried three appetizers -- bland hummus; cold rice-and-lentil stuffed grape leaves; and a vegetable souffle called kookoo sabzi. Falafel also is served. Our entree was sabzi pollo -- tilapia and basmati rice green with dill and other herbs.

To finish, I had unsweetened tea, and we shared some nice coconut macaroons. Our meal cost $52 with tax but not tip, which you have to ask the woman at the register to include in your credit card total or  leave in cash.

Honey Mediterranean Gourmet & Market, 
1150 Teaneck Road, Teaneck; 201-530-5082.
No American Express cards.
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