Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wild salmon in a box

Coho salmon Based on the drawing from Silver o...Image via Wikipedia

The boxes have been on my counter since Valentine's Day. Inside, there are 3-, 4- and 5-ounce portions of wild-caught Alaskan salmon, hardwood-smoked without preservatives.

The meaty fillets are in aseptic pouches, and the pouches are inside shrink-wrapped cardboard boxes. The fish doesn't require refrigeration -- one reason I don't feel compelled to eat it. That's a lot of packaging, and the boxes are much bigger than necessary. (Photo: Coho salmon.)

The other day, I assembled a breakfast sandwich on toasted baguette, opening one of the pouches and, after draining a little liquid, adding the fish to some sliced smoked wild salmon from Costco, hummus, tomato with za'atar thyme mixture and lettuce. As I ate, the only off note was the dry salmon fillet.

I bought the smoked fish from Kasilof Fish Co. of Marysville, Wash., online at
Once it's gone, I don't think I'll get more.

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