Sunday, March 21, 2010

ShopRite takes on Stop & Shop

At the ShopRite in Paramus in 2014.

 ShopRite has a full-page ad in The Record of Woodland Park today, trying to document its claim of being the "low-price leader" over Stop & Shop. 

You might have seen all the TV ads touting Stop & Shop's prices recently.

ShopRite says it has more than 700 items in its circular, compared with about 280 items in the Stop & Shop flier. 

"Where do you really think you can save more money every week?" 

The ShopRite ad lists 22 items with prices from both stores, and says ShopRite saves you $36.84 or 36%.



  1. Hi Victor, You couldn't pay me to enter a Shop-Rite. The produce is so inferior. Also, the store as well as their employees are a real beating. I would rather pay a tad more (which I don't think is the case) and have a better shopping experience and product. Stop and Shop has many organic products, and their produce is really very good. I bought beautiful asparagus for $1.99 lb on FRiday.

  2. Stop & Shop can't even come close to ShopRite in terms of price. Stop & Shop has about a half dozen decent deals a week. Shop Rite consistently beats them in prices. Stop & Shop is a decent store however, and I would shop there over Pathmark or A&P any day of the week. I do not shop for produce at any grocery store chain so I wouldn't be able to tell you which one has the best produce.

  3. I agree. And like you, I get my produce elsewhere after years of disappointing purchases at ShopRite that either rotted overnight or never ripened. I now rely on H Mart and Costco for almost all of my produce.

  4. The produce at the Elizabeth, NJ, and Livingston, NJ Shoprites is the best I've ever gotten from a supermarket. The produce in Elizabeth is generally cheaper, though. In terms of ShopRite vs. Stop & Shop, ShopRite is about 100x better. The prices are consistently lower (even though members can set their own prices); the selection is much better (especially at Village-owned stores); there are in-store bakeries (something no Shop & Shop anywhere has -- all of their baked goods come from a central distribution facility, meaning more preservatives must be added). Furthermore, ShopRite is a cooperative, so the companies that own the stores are, in many cases, local businesses. For instance, ShopRite of Lincoln Park is owned by ShopRite of Lincoln Park, Inc., which owns only Lincoln Park! ShopRites in Nutley and Belleville are owned by Nutley Park Supermarkets, Inc., which owns only those two stores. Almost all, if not all (I'm not sure) members of ShopRite are the same families that started the small grocery stores over 50 years ago, in many cases. For example, the Sumas family opened a small grocery store in South Orange in 1937. The Sumas Family is now the owner of 29 ShopRites, under the name Village Super Market.

    (I'm not trying to be rude or impolite, I'm simply saying what I think.)


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