Monday, March 1, 2010

Stocking up for meatless meals

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I spent $68 today on my weekly run to Costco in Hackensack -- all of it on produce, fish and non-meat items that will help us keep our pledge to eat meatless meals. (See earlier post, "We take the pledge at Wondee's")

I brought home a 13-pound carton of California navel oranges ($8.99), wild-caught Canadian flounder fillets ($8.49 a pound), all-vegetable patties ($10.89 for 14), organic edamame ($4.99 for 24 ounces), gourmet fingerling potatoes ($6.99 for five pounds), organic salad mix ($4.49), herbicide-free tomatoes ($4.99), strawberries ($4.99 for two pounds), lemons ($6.49 for five pounds) and bananas ($1.32 for three pounds).

I saw Glatt kosher, vegan falafel for about $7 (two pounds), but thought that was overkill. Falafel is made of chickpeas (photo) and spices. Who needs it both kosher and vegan? I could probably do better on the soybeans at H Mart.

Last night, we sauteed two pounds of wild-caught shrimp that had been marinated in red wine, garlic, red-pepper flakes and salt, and served it with yellow rice and organic black beans, which I heated up and seasoned with lots of spices. I also had a salad of organic greens. Very satisfying.

Tonight, we are having a vegetarian meal imported from India by Target, with rice, bread and salad. But Costco was out of Asian Indian bread, so we'll eat Syrian bread. Tomorrow night, we'll fry the flounder I bought today.
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