Saturday, October 17, 2009

Reusable shopping bags revisited

Here are some corrections to my previous post, "Please be a good neighbor, Fairway," in which I complained that Fairway Market in Paramus doesn't reward shoppers for bringing reusable bags.

I wrote that ShopRite stores deduct 15 cents for each bag, but that is incorrect. They deduct 5 cents for each bag. Whole Foods Market in Paramus deducts 10 cents for each bag. Trader Joe's in Paramus gives you no credit at all. ShopRite is alone in accepting plastic bags for recycling. Whole Foods' reusable bags are oversized and beautifully decorated.

Trader Joe's does enter your name into a lottery for a free reusable bag. The odds of winning can't be too favorable, though. I've entered at least three times in the past year with no result.

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