Sunday, October 11, 2009

The imported side of ShopRite

I really enjoy some of  the ShopRite-brand food items imported from Italy and Spain. Two of my favorites are the oversized artisan pasta and the sparkling 100% juices.

On Friday, I bought three packages of specialty pasta formed on bronze dies: barchette, rigatoni giganti and fusilloni (corkscrews), which come in 17.6-ounce bags. The first is a large boat-shaped shell, and the others are two- to two-and-a-half-inches long. They were on sale at the Hackensack ShopRite for $2.79 each with a store card. (The cooking time listed on the package can be optimistic, so you may have to boil them longer and watch them carefully.)

The sparkling juices from Spain include 100% red or white grape, peach and apple, and they are absolutely delightful. This stuff is so much better than flavored seltzer. They will be on sale Oct. 14-17 for $1.77 a bottle (24.5 ounces), with a limit of four, meaning I'll have to go to more than one ShopRite to get the dozen bottles I want.

Two other ShopRite imported items I've liked are Italian breadsticks and the lemon-flavored lady fingers (great with tea or espresso). I recently tried the canned artichokes from Spain, but they were waterlogged and a far cry from fresh artichokes, such as those I've had in the Spanish dish alcachofas con jamon (ham).

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