Monday, October 12, 2009

American v. Australian lamb

When I bought antibiotic-free Australian shoulder lamb chops at Stop and Shop this month, I noticed they came in a box with a seal that read: Mountain States/Rosen Co., which markets drug-free American lamb and veal. (See earlier post, "Just where does our meat come from?")  So I e-mailed the company. I received an answer today.

I wrote:

I never see antibiotic-free U.S. lamb in supermarkets, only antibiotic-free Australian lamb. Why is that? In fact, I bought Australian lamb at a Super Stop and Shop that came in a box carrying the Mountain States/Rosen Company seal.

The answer: 

The reason that antibiotic-free lamb is seldom found in US supermarkets is due to the cost associated with raising and producing this product. It is very expensive to raise and to produce in the US. The Australians have much lower raising and feed costs than the US ranchers and essentially only feed their animals a grass diet, which again in much cheaper.

I hope this answers your question, and if you require further info please email me back and I will be happy to go into more detail with you.


Chris Abel
Mountain States Rosen LLC


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    Dear Mr. Sasson,

    Thank you for your excellent blog and your research into Mountain States Rosen “Product of Australia” lamb. Today, I, too, bought some of the aforementioned at the Stop and Shop in Ringwood, and have begun the same communication with Mountain States Rosen.

    I am used to buying y the Atkins Ranch Lamb from New Zealand at Whole foods. I know Mr. Atkins personally.

    As a Licensed and Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, in full time private practice, it is important to me for my self and my client to know what we are eating, or as Michael Pollan says, “ You are what you eat eats.”

    Thank you for your research.


  2. Thanks for your comment, Barbara. You might want to check out the Australian lamb sold at Costco in Wayne. I usually see three cuts in the Hackensack store: a rack of lamb chops, boneless or semi-boneless leg of lamb and 2-inch-thick loin chops. The meat freezes well. I especially like the rack, which I cut apart and roast in the oven until rare or medium. Although Costco charges a membership fee, you'll get the money back in savings on high-quality food and rebates from an American Express card. Costco also stocks organic salad greens and spinach, herbicide-free Campari tomatoes and lots of other wonderful food, often in manageable sizes. It also stocks a few Atkins products.


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