Saturday, October 17, 2009

First-time sale on ShopRite's drug-free chicken

The ShopRite in Paramus looks old and the parking lot is cramped. When I shopped there last week, a large piece of land across from the store was being cleared and my stomach sank as I wondered if all of this had been trees.

The store's sales circular, which arrived with the newspaper, has a nugget buried in the back pages: the first sale I have ever seen on Readington Farms chicken, the ShopRite brand that is antibiotic-free and raised on vegetarian feed. The sale starts Sunday and runs through Oct. 24 at the Paramus store.

The discount is 25%, or $1.11 to $4.49 a pound, compared with the 50% sale ShopRite stores recently had on inferior, drug-filled Perdue chicken. My wife prefers the taste of Readington Farms chicken over Murray's free-roaming chicken, the drug-free brand sold by Fairway Market.


  1. Believe it or not that Shoprite is no more than 12 years old. They used to be in that half moon shaped building across the street that was eventually torn down.

  2. That surprises me. I'm going back there Thursday to shop the Readington Farms sale and will take a closer look. I remember that building you mention.

  3. is the chicken free from hormones or is this just another gimmick holla back wit da info

  4. Yes. Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in raising chickens. It's the antibiotics you don't want.


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