Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why you can't shop in one food store

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If, like me, you do most of the food shopping in your family, you dream of that one store where you can be assured of getting fresh, healthy food at great prices. Don't hold your breath.

Even a random sampling of how food prices are all over the place will discourage you. At Fairway Market in Paramus on Friday, a 3.5-pound bag of Spanish clementines was $5.99, compared to $3.49 at H Mart in Little Ferry. Fairway's price for one pound of Earthbound Farm organic spring mix was $6.99; at Costco in Hackensack, it's $4.49.

Costco sells three cans of wild sockeye red salmon from Alaska, but you get better value buying one can of Bumble Bee wild sockeye salmon at Fairway or ShopRite for $4.99 (just under 15 ounces). ShopRite no longer discounts this red salmon during its Can-Can Sale, when it has been as low as $2.99.

My wife just called to report the pomegranate she bought for 99 cents at H Mart in Englewood is $2 at ShopRite in Rochelle Park, where she is shopping today.

I'm not sure what you can conclude from these examples and others I am sure you have seen yourself. All I know is that a food shopper's work is never done.
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  1. I feel your pain, I was at ShopRite and Stop & Shop twice each last week, then I had to go to Nouris, Eastern Groceries on Railway Ave and Corrados yesterday. You cannot go to one source for your food shopping and get the best deals and best product. I am thankful that we do have all these choices though, I have been to areas of the country that have little choice in their food shopping needs.

  2. I'd like to tag along with you one day. You hit a lot of places that aren't on my usual food runs.

  3. No problem, Ill let you know one Saturday or Sunday I am going out and have the time for a decent "run". When I am with my son I have to do the abbreviated version.


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