Monday, January 25, 2010

Can buying food cheer you up?

Sockeye salmonImage via Wikipedia

What a miserable day. No sunlight, rain lashing the house and wind making the half-dozen tall cedars looming over my property twist and sway.

By this afternoon, the rain had subsided and I drove the two miles to Costco in Hackensack for its wonderful Kirkland-brand smoked wild Alaskan sockeye salmon. That should cheer me up at breakfast for the rest of the week.

But on this Monday, for the second week, there was only smoked farmed salmon. That wasn't good enough. I asked an employee if there was some of the wild fish in back, and he said, as he did last week, whatever is out there. How long will this drought last?

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  1. Did you ever eat at Petite Soochow (sp?) in cliffside park on gorge road? I want to go for dinner and was wondering what you would reccomend

  2. Yes. The restaurant is known for its Shanghai-style soup dumplings. There have been some problems with sanitation there, so I no longer go there. It was closed down for a while by the health inspector. Check out "Off The Broiler," another food blog, which has written about and photographed the food there. Keep in mind the photos often make the food look better than it actually is. Good luck.


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