Monday, January 4, 2010

A cross-cultural breakfast

Fattal's Bakery (& Grocery (& Jewelry))Image by wka via Flickr

When it came time for breakfast today, I found I was out of my usual fish -- canned red salmon and smoked wild salmon, and though I had sardines, I ate those most of last week.

So I immediately thought eggs and assembled a quick meal from a number of sources:

First, I made a plain egg-white omelet in organic, Italian extra-virgin olive oil (eggs and oil from Costco, Hackensack) and seasoned it with salt and coarse red Aleppo pepper (Fattal's Bakery in Paterson). I heated up leftovers -- scrambled eggs with strips cut from whole-grain tortillas (Trader Joe's, Paramus) and tomatoes, and plated the omelet next to it, dousing both with Valentina's Mexican hot sauce (Hackensack Market, Hackensack).

I warmed four pocket bread halves (Fattal's) in the toaster, took prepared Libano Verde-brand hummus wuth tehina from Lebanon (also Fattal's) from the fridge, put some Arirang-brand cabbage kimchi in a bowl (Gaboh Inc., Englewood) and dug in. I drank Bromley black tea (ShopRite).
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