Friday, January 1, 2010

Hummus Restaurant in Paterson

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We spent a quiet New Year's Eve last night, starting off with an early dinner at Hummus, a small Turkish restaurant on Main Street in Paterson's bustling Middle Eastern bazaar.

This wasn't the first time I visited Hummus, but I was eager to try some of the regional dishes highlighted in a July 10, 2009, review in The Record that incorrectly called the South Paterson neighborhood "Little Istanbul." As it turned out, the review was off the mark about the food as well. (Photo shows Paterson.)

Don't get me wrong. We had a fine meal, but you will find tastier fare and better value across the street at Aleppo, a Syrian restaurant at Main and Thomas streets.

For one thing, I found Hummus' signature hummus somewhat bland, tasting neither of lemon juice or garlic, the same reaction I had to the hummus at Hamsa in Tenafly last year. I prefer even the canned Lebanese hummus with tehina I buy at Fattal's down the street that calls for the addition of lemon juice, garlic and olive oil. But we especially liked the puffy Turkish bread, served sliced and hot with a crackling crust, and a chopped salad with feta cheese. The dip called ezme lacked punch.

Our entrees were  lamb kebabs with pistachio nuts and small, sun-dried tomatoes and eggplants stuffed with meat and rice. Two glasses of strong tea ended my meal.

 Hummus Restaurant, 942 Main St., Paterson,
973-247-0066, open seven days.
Hummus Turkish Restaurant

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  1. Apparently Turkish hummus is not as flavorful as the hummus you and I are accustomed to. We sampled the food at a Turkish restaurant for my son's Christening and felt the same way about the hummus.

  2. You are right. It was quite a disappointment. I'll stick with Aleppo Restaurant, and my own home-made hummus.


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