Monday, December 14, 2009

Don't ever ask your wife what's she doing

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No. Don't. If your wife (girlfriend, partner, spouse, significant other) is in the kitchen, just don't ask her what she is doing. Go back to reading the paper. Resist the urge to approach the stove and make suggestions. Sure, she leaves most of the food shopping and cooking to you, and you often end up washing the morning pots and pans, but when she gets inspired, leave her alone -- or else.

This morning, my wife started to prepare breakfast for herself after she dropped our son at school. I got up and approached and started asking her questions. She was combining leftover chicken thigh with other leftovers, white rice and Chinese takeout vegetables, to make a quick fried rice. That's when I should have returned to the paper. I didn't.

I suggested some soy sauce and fetched it from the fridge. I poured on a couple of ounces. "It's too salty," she said, her voice rising. That's not all she said. Then, I added some sweet rice wine to dilute the soy sauce, and that really upset her. I said, "What about a scrambled egg in there?"  She grabbed the pot and headed for the garbage can before I stopped her by saying I'll eat it. Then, I went for my power walk.

When I got back, I filled a small bowl with the fried rice and heated it in the microwave. It tasted great. Not salty, as my wife said, but my "review" fell on deaf ears. I plan to offer the rest to our son when he gets back from school. My wife wouldn't even accept half of my breakfast wrap: smoked wild salmon, saluna salad (canned red salmon and tuna), hummus, tomato, salad greens and za'atar thyme mixture rolled up in thin pita.

That'll teach me.
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  1. At least she was cooking. I don't even get a dozen meals a year out of my wife.

  2. That made me laugh. Well, like me, you love food, but resent all the time you have to shop for it and prepare it, I guess. I made dinner tonight, of course. What about you?

  3. I made dinner last night as well, chicken, mushroom and potato in Madeira wine sauce. I dont mind the food shopping experience as long as it is not rushed.

  4. I'm heading for H Mart to see if I can get fresh fish today for tonight's dinner. Not sure what else I'll prepare. In Little Ferry, they've replaced Valley Fair (next to H Mart) with small merchants, including food vendors. I'll check it out later.

  5. Yes, I actually first noticed that at least 6 months ago. It reminds me of a low budget version of the swap meets they have in Los Angeles.

  6. Except for the food, most of the merchandise at what is now called Value Fair in Little Ferry looks like schlock.

  7. I agree. Also, that concept of selling doesn't work unless there is high volumes, which I don't see coming out of that location.

  8. True. The building, parking lots and so forth have never been very appealing. On the other hand, the H Mart has made some improvements and I enjoy shopping there.


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