Sunday, August 25, 2013

Enjoying meatless meals at Wondee's and at home

Wondee's Som Thom ($8) -- a salad of crunchy, fresh green papaya, peanuts, tomato and green beans in a tart dressing -- is my favorite way of starting a meatless meal at the Thai restaurant on Main Street in Hackensack.

Thome Yum Koong is a spicy soup of shrimp, mushrooms and chili paste ($4).

By Victor E. Sasson

A Vegetarian Menu and a large selection of seafood and other meatless dishes makes it easy for me to eat well at Wondee's Fine Thai Food and Noodles in Hackensack.

And family members who eat pork and poultry have plenty to choose from, too.

On Saturday night, three of us enjoyed salad, soup, a whole fish and a sauteed tofu dish with small bowls of white or brown rice.

A steamed whole fresh red snapper with chili pepper, garlic and lemon juice is called Pla Ma Now ($18). Three of us shared the fish with bowls of white or brown rice.

Kraprow Tofu is made with fresh basil leaves, onions, scallions and fresh chili ($11).
Wondee's is a BYO.

Wondee's Fine Thai Food and Noodles, 296 Main St., Hackensack; 201-883-1700. BYO, parking in rear, serves lunch and dinner, closed Mondays.

Going meatless at home

I continue to co-exist peacefully with members of the family who eat meat and poultry -- from organic chicken feet to grass-fed filet mignon.

We prepare food at home 5 or 6 days a week, using good ingredients from Costco Wholesale, Trader Joe's, ShopRite, Whole Foods Market, H Mart, Fattal's Bakery in Paterson and other stores.

Organic brown eggs with pesto (from Costco), smoked wild salmon and sun-dried tomatoes served over organic quinoa prepared in an electric cooker.

Earthbound Farm Organic Spring Mix topped with smoked wild salmon and reduced-fat Swiss cheese, and served with prepared sweet-potato salad. All the ingredients came from Costco. The dressing is extra-virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Ackee and salt fish, a Jamaican specialty, served with sauteed collard greens from H Mart and quinoa with organic diced tomatoes.

A gooey frittata with pesto, smoked wild salmon, sliced tomato and reduced-fat Swiss cheese served over organic brown rice.

Trader Joe's Organic Whole Wheat Pasta with Victoria Marinara Sauce and Al-Shark brand Moroccan Sardines in Tomato Sauce, which have dramatically less sodium than the same sardines in spicy oil. I used 1 pound of pasta, a 40-ounce jar of sauce and 2 cans of sardines. I added grated Pecorino Romano, an imported sheep's milk cheese.

Leftover frittata and pasta with sardines made for a filling breakfast today.

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