Saturday, July 20, 2013

Clothes too big? Rush down to Costco Wholesale

This week, Costco Wholesale in Hackensack dropped the price of fresh, wild-caught sockeye salmon fillets by $1 a pound, above and below.

Editor's note: Today, I discuss a store with quality clothing and great food; a sale on live lobsters, and my favorite place for breakfast.

By Victor E. Sasson

When you find a diet that works, you'll lose weight and start running out of clothes that fit, as I did this summer in northern New Jersey.

The heat wave we're enduring had me rifling through a dozen pair of shorts, and only 3 had 38-inch waists.

The rest swam on me -- with 40- and 42-inch waists. 

So on Thursday, I headed for Costco Wholesale in Hackensack, where I found a polo shirt and 3 pairs of shorts for me; a dress shirt for my teenage son; and for dinner, fresh, wild sockeye salmon at a new, lower price.

Wild salmon with ripe peaches and tomatoes, cinnamon and garden herbs.

Herbs and fresh lime juice go well with wild salmon.

My no-bread, no-pizza diet, suggested by a trainer at my old gym, has worked beautifully, and I've shed more than 45 pounds over 3 years and cut my waist size 4 inches.

I eat brown rice, whole-wheat pasta and sweet potatoes as bread substitutes.

Click on the following link to assemble Wild Salmon with Ripe Peaches and Tomatoes:

Rich fish, sweet fruit and cinnamon

Roast wild salmon at 375 degrees for 9 minutes (rare) or 12 minutes (cooked through).

Costco clothing

One of the shorts was a blue plaid, fully lined, for only $14.99. The others were $19.99 each. A bright orange performance polo shirt was also $14.99, and the 100% cotton, spread-collar dress shirt was only $17.99.

The Kirkland Signature clothing is made in Jordan, Vietnam and China.

I also saw beautifully lined slacks made in Italy of light-weight wool for only $49.99.

I already have 2 pairs of the Kirkland Signature dress pants, but plan on buying some for my son. 

A bowl of fresh lobster tails and claws.

Lime juice is all I use to accent the buttery lobster meat.

Lobster feast

Costco Wholesale doesn't sell live lobsters, but ShopRite does and they are $5.99 a pound during the Summer Can Can Sale.

I bought 3 lobsters averaging 1.4 pound each for just under $30 at the Englewood ShopRite on Wednesday.

I boiled them in a large, covered pan for 10 minutes; twisted off the tails, claws and legs, and served them with a wild-brown rice blend I found at Costco.

A bottle of Mexican hot sauce is on every table at the Golden Grill in Teaneck.

Broiled fresh whiting with an egg-white omelet. Hold the toast, and enjoy the Golden Grill's wonderful home fries.

My son's sausage-and-vegetable omelet.

Golden Grill

My 16-year-old son had to fast for a blood test -- a good excuse to have breakfast out at the Golden Grill in Teaneck, the only place I know that serves fresh fish or homemade fish cakes with eggs.

I ordered the whiting broiled, not fried, and asked for an egg-white omelet and no toast ($7).

My son went with a sausage-and-vegetable omelet with home fries and buttered toast ($7.50).

If you're not on a diet, the French bakery on the same side of the street can satisfy any sweet tooth.

Golden Grill Restaurant, 1379 Queen Anne Road, Teaneck; 201-837-1078. Open for breakfast and lunch.

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