Tuesday, August 13, 2013

In Jamaica, nature's splendor is everywhere

Banana flowers are among the exotic plants we saw during a visit to Canaan Mountain on the island of Jamaica.

Opening wide.

All set for Mardi Gras.

Better red than staid.

By Victor E. Sasson

There were beautiful plants and trees everywhere we looked during our vacation at Zimbali Retreats on Canaan Mountain in western Jamaica.

The lush, green mountain is home to subsistence farmers who are blessed with a cool-running river and an abundance of fruit and nut trees.

A shallow part of the Canaan River not far from a deeper and wider section ideal for cooling off under a canopy of leaves and bamboo.
In the pink.

An avocado or pear tree on the farm at Zimbali Retreats.

A papaya tree.

A misty afternoon.

Rustic cottages, vegetarian meals made with mostly organic ingredients, such as the one below, and lots of peace and quiet are among the draws at Zimbali Retreats.

A sun-splashed corner table.

Natural wood is incorporated into the main villa at Zimbali Retreats, above and below, as well as into the guest cottages.

A flaming beauty.

A wind chime at Zimbali Retreats.

The path to a farm building on the mountain passes under a ginip tree. Ginip, an edible fruit, is sold in bunches on the street in Negril, the white-sand beach resort that is about 12 miles from Zimbali Retreats.

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