Saturday, August 24, 2013

From a great lunch at Hiura to rude shoppers at Whole Foods

Thursday's lunch special at Hiura was listed on a board at the family run Japanese restaurant in Fort Lee, above. A main dish of assorted fried pork and fish came with soup, rice, cooked burdock and potato salad, below.

By Victor E. Sasson

On Thursday, I had another great lunch at Hiura, the family owned Japanese restaurant in Fort Lee, catching up with a former colleague I hadn't seen in a couple of years.

He had the 5-item lunch special of fried pork and fish ($12), and I enjoyed the Sashimi Lunch, a plate of beautiful raw and cooked seafood ($18) that came with miso soup and a small bowl of white rice.

The centerpiece of the $12 lunch special.

After we finished and paid the bill, we stood under a  shelter at the rear entrance, chatting some more as a steady drizzle fell.

I needed a lift on this sun-less day. 

So, after we said our good-byes, I got in my car and drove to the Whole Foods Market in Paramus, heading straight for the coffee counter. 

Hiura's Sashimi Lunch featured wonderful squid, octopus and fish, including mackerel and tuna, plus soup and rice ($18).

The counter was being monopolized by two women. 

One had placed her shopping cart directly in front of a cash register and the pad where you swipe your credit card. 

The other woman had a stroller carrying a little boy in front of the second register, with several shopping bags hanging from the handles.

They turned out to be mother and daughter, talking in a mix of English and Hebrew. 

Great, I thought. Israelis think the world revolves around them, and no one else matters, especially me.

An employee behind the counter shouted, "Next customer," and I asked for a 16-ounce Daily Brew with no room for milk.

But mother, daughter, shopping cart and stroller were still in the way, so I complained out loud:

"You're blocking the entire counter," and moved the stroller a couple of inches so I could lean in and swipe my credit card.

The older woman told me I should more patient, but I ignored her, grabbed my coffee and walked the 50 feet or so to a table, as the little boy started to wail -- loud enough to be heard in Hackensack.

Hiura, 400B Main St., Fort Lee; 201-346-0110. Closed Wednesday. 

Whole Foods Market, 300 Bergen town Center, Paramus; 201-226-1244. Open 7 days.

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  1. You really should be more patient. You're lucky the woman didn't accuse you of attempted kidnapping when you gave the stroller a shove.

  2. A couple of inches isn't kidnapping. I didn't even touch the brat.


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