Monday, August 5, 2013

Why are my Costco bananas sweating?

A new "Controlled Ripening Bag" I found at Costco Wholesale promises longer-lasting bananas, but I found one with a split skin a day after I brought these home on July 29.

The bag explains that "a little more moisture" is "just part of the natural respiration of the fruit." My bananas were wet.

This is what the bananas looked like on Sunday, 6 days after I bought them.

Editor's note: The new plastic banana bag from Costco Wholesale is a puzzler. Today, I also discuss using good ingredients and keeping meals and snacks simple.

By Victor E. Sasson

No one sells bananas cheaper than Costco Wholesale, but they come in a new plastic ripening bag that splits their skins and makes them "sweat."

Three pounds of bananas are only $1.39.

I'm not crazy about the new bag, though, especially the split skins and the resulting moisture.

I used to buy bananas when they were green and let them ripen in the bag on the counter.

But the new bag's promise of "longer-lasting bananas" has me buying them when they are already yellow and ripe.

I'm going back to buying them green.

UPDATE: After I wrote and posted this, I found a fold-out pamphlet attached to the bag:

"Del Monte proprietary CRT Bag extends the life of your bananas for up to 3 days longer."

So, if they are ripe when you buy them, you have to eat them within 3 days.

What was wrong with the old bag?

Keeping it simple

Costco Wholesale continues to provide me with quality ingredients at the best prices for meals and snacks.

I've even started warming up to the new Kirkland Signature Egg Whites, which are the main ingredient in the cheese-and-tomato frittatas I make every weekend.

I find the thin, watery, 100% egg whites are at their best when they are thickened with grated cheese, whole eggs or chopped green pepper.

Roll up and enjoy as a snack: Romaine lettuce leaf, sliced reduced-fat Jarlsberg Swiss Cheese, Kirkland Signature smoked wild salmon, Dijon mustard, fresh mint and oregano.

Items from Costco Wholesale make for a filling breakfast, below.

Three kinds of fruit from Costco with Trader Joe's Raisin Brand.

A frittata with Sunset-brand Campari Tomatoes, Kirkland Signature Egg Whites, whole organic brown eggs, sweet green pepper; and reduced-fat shredded and sliced cheese. Set the crust on the stove and finished the frittata under the broiler.

A filling breakfast: A cheesy wedge of the frittata served with Lundgren Wild Blend Rice and Stewed Alaskan Pollock from H Mart.

Chinese Broccoli from H Mart with mashed Organic Sweet Potatoes from Trader Joe's. All the sweet potatoes need are extra-virgin olive oil and a little cinnamon.

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