Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shopper stands up for her rights

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I met a River Edge woman who recounted how she made ShopRite executives honor a low price on Progresso soup during the 40th anniversary Can Can Sale that ended recently.

The supermarket chain was selling 10 19-ounce cans of Progresso soup for $10 -- or $1 each -- but shoppers were required to clip and bring in a coupon, as well as present a store card.

The woman purchased lass than 10 cans and they rang up at $1.19 each. She pointed out the coupon didn't say shoppers must buy 10 to get the deal. Store executives were unmoved.

She said it took a good deal of work, including calls to consumer agency officials, to get the Paramus store to honor the coupon, but eventually, she was able to buy five more cans of the soup for $1 each. Good for her.

Free-range beef on sale

The ShopRite sales flier that came with the paper today is offering free-range, grass-fed beef from Australia for $5.99 a pound with a Price Plus Card ($7.99 a pound without the card).

The whole beef tenderloin for filet mignon usually weighs four to seven pounds and requires trimming. But you can cut into small steaks or thin slices for marinating in Korean sauce, grilling on the stove top and eating wrapped in red-lettuce leaves with garlic, rice and other garnishes.

The Australian beef -- sold under the Nature's Reserve label -- is raised without antibiotics or growth hormones. There is a limit of one package during the sale, which runs from Sunday (Jan. 30) until next Saturday.

Also on sale is Barilla pasta at 77 cents each, with a limit of four. That's less than during the Can Can Sale, when $4 bought you three packages and $10 bought you nine packages.

I was looking for a Fairway Market (Paramus) flier in today's paper, but didn't find one.
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  1. You can probably find the Fairway flier online. A liter bottle of the Fairway cold pressed extra virgin olive oil is on sale this week (through Friday) for $4.99, mind you, that's the filtered stuff. Unfiltered is $9.99. I asked a Fairway lady what the difference was and she said the unfiltered had little tiny pieces of olives still in it, and that some people thought it made the stuff taste better. Needless to say, I bought the filtered, the heck with the little pieces of olive. Mind you, this is the cold pressed, it doesn't say "first cold pressed," but what the heck, it still costs I think 8.99 when it isn't on sale. And the label says "No chemicals, no preservatives," and although it doesn't say so, I'm sure that each of the olives used has a little happy face carved into it.

  2. That's an excellent price for a liter of extra-virgin olive oil.


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