Monday, January 10, 2011

Hitting the jackpot at the Can Can Sale

Can Can DancersImage by lu_lu via Flickr
You'll search in vain for can can dancers at ShopRite supermarkets.

After dropping my son off at a friend's house in Englewood on Sunday morning, I stopped at the ShopRite in pursuit of more bargains during the supermarket chain's 40th anniversary Can Can Sale.

Ten portions of Swiss Miss hot chocolate were only 88 cents. Even Readington Farms chicken -- raised on vegetarian feed and without antibiotics -- was on sale. I bought wings, leg quarters and drumsticks, saving $1.33, 99 cents and 76 cents, respectively.

I saw Laporta-brand artisanal pasta from Italy for $1.79, a discount of $1.29, and bought two different kinds, each in a 1.1-pound package. But looking at my receipt after I checked out, I saw each package rang up at the regular price of $2.99.

I went to the customer service counter and an employee took one package of the pasta and went to check the sign on the shelf. He returned and refunded me $5.98 on my credit card. So, I got the pasta for free. 

The Can Can Sale ends Jan. 15. 

ShopRite, 40 Nathaniel Place, Englewood; 201-816-8322.
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