Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Dented Can Can Sale

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I shopped the first day of the 40th anniversary Can Can Sale at ShopRite in Hackensack this morning, but I don't think I came away with such great bargains. And I was disappointed -- again -- to see no big discount on canned, wild-caught red salmon from Alaska.

My biggest purchase was three dozen cans of Adirondack seltzer at $1.99 a dozen. I also bought three cans of Progresso soup at $1.19 each or 10 for $10. Air Wick air freshener was only 65 cents each, and I picked up nine cans.

Bumble Bee-brand Alaskan red salmon was $4.99 for a can of about 14 ounces, compared to the usual price of $5.49. At long-past Can Can Sales, it was $2.99.

A lot of the stuff I buy at ShopRite wasn't being sold at a discount. Bottles of sparkling, 100% juice from Spain weren't on sale, and, in fact, there were none on the shelf. The oversize, bronze-cut pasta and the extra-virgin olive oil, both from Italy, also were regular price.

Barilla pasta was three for $4 or nine for $10. DeCecco pasta was knocked down to $1.50, from $2.49, not to 99 cents, as I wrote previously.
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  1. Hey, wouldja believe they just opened a ShopRite in Southington, CT, only about seven miles from New Britain. I've got the Can Can sale coming and going, scored a can of Chock Full o'Nuts New York Roast for $1.99, and while I didn't buy one they did have the three-liter cans of Olive Oil, I forget the brand, for $7.99.


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