Sunday, January 9, 2011

There is no filleting these fish

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On the way home from dinner in Palisades Park on Saturday night, I stopped to check out the Can Can Sale at the ShopRite, which is a couple of blocks off Grand Avenue. 

Inside the store, I was astounded by a huge, standalone fish tank filled with several large, exotic specimens. Obviously, these beautiful fish aren't for sale.

A boy and a girl were as fascinated as I was, and told me the tank once held a blower fish. Sure enough, on one side of what I think is a six-sided tank, there is a color photo of a large, spiny fish, maybe not a blower, but impressive, nonetheless.

Two of the fish were about four feet long. Others were smaller. Quite a conversation speech, and no ShopRite or any other supermarket I can think of in North Jersey has anything like it.

More Can Canning

I picked up three, 25-ounce jars of Silver Palate pasta sauce (tomato-basil, vodka and marinara) for $2.99 each, compared with the regular price of $4.99.

I also bought two cans of Progresso soup for $1.19 each and two Air Wick air fresheners for 65 cents each. Kozy Shack's terrific rice pudding six-pack was $2.99 or 25 cents off.

I got a rain check for four dozen cans of Adirondack seltzer at $1.60 each -- 30 cents less than the Can Can price at the ShopRite in Hackensack.

ShopRite, 201 Roosevelt Place, Palisades Park; 201-461-0219.
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