Sunday, January 16, 2011

When shopping competing sales, don't forget to take a calculator

Poland Spring Water on sale at ShopRite in October 2015.


Just when I thought ShopRite's 40th anniversary sale ended on Saturday, a newspaper flier heralded a second week of bargains -- through Jan. 22. But I also discovered that some of the items offered during the Can Can Sale aren't good buys at all.

We stopped buying bottled water more than a year ago and started using reusable bottles for home-filtered water.

But we decided three 24-packs of Poland Spring water at the ShopRite in Englewood for the Can Can price of $10 was a good deal (my wife likes to keep bottles of water in her car trunk).

When she came home, I used a calculator to figure out each 16.9-ounce bottle cost us nearly 14 cents -- far more than the same bottle at Costco, where we shop every week.

On the same trip, my wife bought three,18-ounce plastic bottles of White Rain shampoo for 59 cents each, reduced from 99 cents.

One-stop shopping

At one store Friday morning, I picked up two polo shirts ($12.99 each), a mixed bouquet of flowers to welcome my wife home from a trip ($14.99) and lots of terrific food at great prices: 

Dungeness crab, Black Tiger prawns, canned anchovies, organic spring mix, herbicide-free tomatoes, organic spinach and Tropicana orange juice. 

Will Costco Wholesale in Hackensack ever become the only store I have to visit?

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