Thursday, July 29, 2010

Grand re-opening at Fairway Market?

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The Fairway Market sales flier that came with the newspaper today invites shoppers to the "grand re-opening" of the Paramus store, which debuted in March 2009. Aisles have been expanded, better signs are up and organics, grocery and specialty items are grouped together. Who knew?

I last visited the Fashion Center store in the first half of June and didn't notice anything being changed. It was as much a labyrinth then as it was during my first visit ever -- minus the crowds, gridlock and people banging their carts into each other (photo).

The flier promises the store now is "easier to shop and browse." Inside the flier, Fairway lists about 20 grocery items and compares its prices to ShopRite in Paramus and Stop & Shop in Ridgewood. In each case, the Fairway price is lower.

Employees -- or customer-relations specialists, in Fairway speak -- will be wearing red aprons with big black letters, "NEED HELP?" In smaller letters, the aprons say, "I'm friendly and I have answers."
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  1. I didn't know they were having a grand reopening, but Fairway in Paramus has reengineered the store to make the aisles wider, and they have a couple of people with those large-lettered "NEED HELP" aprons who chase customers around the store and tap them on the shoulder and say "Do you need help?" Well, they don't actually chase people around the store, but put the slightest quizzical expression on your face, hesitate for a moment in the sardine aisle, and they materialize out of nowhere, as if there are cameras in the ceiling seeking out shoppers who appear lost, and then the "Need Help?" staffers rappel down from the rafters. It's not all that necessary but it is a good customer service move. I was also glad to see in a recent comment that now Shakuey considers Fairway one of his favorite stores.

  2. Shakuey was being sarcastic, Aaron, as he made clear in subsequent comments. I know from all the years we worked together what a big fan of Fairway you were. In fact, judging from all the Fairway containers I saw on your desk, the award you got for being one of the store's Top 10 customers was well-deserved. I heard that along with the other winners, the store reserved for you a special shopping cart, with a plaque carrying your name, Aaron "Big Spender" Elson, and alerts had to be sent out to Murray's farm in New York State to rush down chickens to meet your appetite for rotisserie.You'll go down in Fairway's aisle history.

  3. Yes Aaron, I was being sarcastic. I wonder if the aprons that the employees wear will say "Go away" in even smaller letters. I do still shop there from time to time for pure convenience: it is the closest grocery store to my home.

  4. Actually, I can't afford the Murray's chickens, I usually get the cheaper $5.49 antibiotic-laced chickens. Add on the two sides for a buck and the fact that the antibiotics probably cure any illness I might be suffering, and it's an even better deal. I knew Shakuey was being sarcastic, I was just having a bit of fun at his expense. And I do go back to shopping at Fairway when I lived on the Upper West Side. As for "big spender," being a "99er" thanks to a certain media consortium, I usually stick to their sale stuff.

  5. The Borgs screwed many of us. We still don't know the extent of it, unfortunately. One of our colleagues might have been screwed out of health insurance, and this person is too young for Medicare.


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