Friday, July 16, 2010

AARP The Magazine bars dissent from readers

A promotion for Dr. Mehmet Oz's TV show.


"Get Healthy With Dr. Oz" 

Under this upbeat headline on the cover of AARP The Magazine's May-June 2010 issue, readers are urged: "Eat better, live longer -- a new you starting right now."

But when I sent in a letter noting Dr. Oz could be even more helpful, the magazine rejected it, noting it receives far more letters than it has room to print. 

Here is my letter:
       "We'd get a lot healthier with Dr. Oz if we avoided antibiotics in poultry and farmed fish, and growth hormones in beef and pork. 

           "I respectfully suggest Dr. Oz spend some time in supermarkets, and help guide food shoppers through all the confusing choices we face."

Victor Sasson
Hackensack, N.J.

I also included the web address of my blog:
This is the second time in about a year AARP The Magazine has rejected my letter asking the editors to discuss the use of antibiotics and growth hormones to raise animals for human consumption.
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  1. The average AARP member already has nine toes in the grave and has been eating antibiotic-laced poultry and growth hormoned beef for decades. So the editors of "AARP the Magazine" probably figure why scare their readers when all they're trying to do is cash in on Dr. Oz's popularity. Besides, they DO get a boatload of letters and probably have to give preference to the ones from the editors' 90 year old aunts.


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