Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Can Can Sale at ShopRite

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The Can Can Sale at ShopRite isn't what it used to be, but there are still several bargains to be found that allow you to stock up on favorite items.

It's been a couple of years since ShopRite would knock off $2 from the price of canned red salmon from Alaska, selling it for $2.99 during the Can Can Sale. I used to buy 10 cans at a time. Now, the best you can do is a 50-cent discount on Bumble Bee-brand red salmon, or $4.59.

On Monday, at the Hackensack ShopRite, I found five dozen cans of Adirondack seltzer (lemon-lime and mandarin orange) for $1.99 a dozen -- a savings of $1.50. This brand has a lot more fizz and a lot more flavor than the store brand or others in large, plastic bottles, and doesn't go flat as fast.

Extra-virgin olive oil from Italy, sold under the ShopRite name, is $4.99 for the 33.8-ounce bottle -- a discount of $3. This oil isn't a blend from Italy, Greece, Turkey and other countries; the olives were grown in Italy and the oil was produced there, the store says.

I bought three bottles for dressing salads, frying eggs, dipping bread and other every day uses.

I also picked up Goya beans -- black, red kidney and so forth -- at three cans for $2.

If you think deciphering parking signs in Manhattan is difficult, the Can Can sale shelf tags would challenge a Talmudic scholar.

In the produce section, I found a 16-ounce plastic tub of Earthbound Farm organic spinach leaves. I looked over the shelf tags and found one that read something like this,  "EFB baby spinach, $4.99, $1 off." When I got home and looked over my receipt, the spinach had rung up at $6.99.

This morning, I returned to the store and the produce section, and looked at the shelf tag again. I said to the man stocking produce nearby that I had been overcharged, but he said the sign was for the 11-ounce package, not the 16-ounce one I had selected. Indeed, I had missed the the number "11," which appears on the sign in red.

I left the store with two 64-ounce containers of Florida's Natural orange juice (two for $5) and a dozen 4 Grains cage-free brown eggs, which are from chickens that receive no antibiotics or animal byproducts ($1.69).

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  1. Agreed, the sale isn't what it once was. Shoprites prices aren't what they once were for that matter. I bought a case of Tutorosso crushed tomatoes last week for $7.99 at the sale. I usually get the 3 litre Boticelli olive oil for around $7.99 when it is on sale at Shop Rite or Pathmark. I used to buy the expensive extra virgin Syrian olive oils but the price disparity was too much. Have you ever had Polar Seltzer? Their soda is pretty good. They sell it at my favorite store Fairway.

  2. I'll have to try Polar Seltzer. Your favorite store? I can just see your tongue in your cheek.

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  4. Victor, I couldnt slip that Fairway line past you, I was even laughing as I wrote it.

  5. Victor, two points. First, the above comment strikes me as spam, flattering as it might be. Ol' Rinkesh has nothing on his blogger profile and points readers to a site called Rank a Website, hel-lo. Note that there is nothing specific in his praise, so he could send the same flowery comment to a hundred different sites, thus building traffic to his own. Just a heads up. I would consider removing the comment and then modifying this one if I were you.
    Point two: The Can Can Sale isn't a one-week deal at ShopRite and even though the Can Can Sale sign knocks a dollar off the can of salmon, that same can might have three bucks knocked off next week, or have had it the week before. They may be experimenting with consumers' buying habits. But with a lot of items, the same low or close to it price will be consistent for at least a week from year to year during the C.C. sale.

  6. Yes, Aaron, the same thought occurred to me about Rinkesh being spam, but too late. I had already published it. For some reason, I no longer have the ability to delete comments once I have published them. On the Can Can Sale, I know it is ongoing, but wasn't aware prices were adjusted during the sale. The red salmon, however, never goes below $4.59, as I wrote, or maybe $4.49.


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