Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fresh pita bread in Hackensack

When I run out of soft, chewy Syrian bread from Fattal's Bakery in Paterson, getting more involves a 16-mile, round-trip drive. The other day, I was running an errand in another part of Hackensack and found fresh bread at Sahara Stores on South Summit Avenue.

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This is a small, Middle Eastern deli and grocery store, with prepared food and shelves of imported goods, and now, fresh pita bread delivered seven days a week, the friendly owner said. (Despite the name, it's only one store.)

I found Nouri's Syrian bread there and another brand I had not seen before, Kings Pita, a thinner Lebanese-style bread, both from Paterson and both $1.50 a package at Sahara. You get more with Nouri's -- 12 loaves weighing 22 ounces versus 6 larger loaves that weigh only 14 ounces. But what I like about Kings Pita is that after a minute or two out of the fridge, it is soft and chewy -- not card-boardy like some Lebanese bread -- perfect for scooping up hummus or wrapping around spicy lamb sausage.

Sahara Stores, 242 S. Summit Ave., Hackensack, 201-487-7222.

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  1. I might be mistaken, but I believe Kings is also made by Nouris

  2. Well, it's pretty good. I don't go to Nouri's much and the bakery listed on the bag is on Pennsylvania Avenue in Paterson (I believe it said N & J Bakery). I called the number on the bag, but that isn't the bakery. I was given another number, but couldn't get through.

  3. Yes, that is Nouri's bakery on Pennsylvania Ave, you can buy bulk bread there as well. I do not believe they actually sell that bread at their own store though.

  4. So I can go to Pennsylvania Avenue and buy the bread? Is that street in South Paterson? I can't place it. I think the Kings Pita is actually superior to Nouri's Syrian bread.

  5. Pennsylvania Ave is parallel to Railway Ave, they eventually intersect. You can buy bread there but you have to buy in bulk, probably a dozen bags or so, they sell it discounted.

  6. OK, thanks. That wouldn't work for me, unless I had a few people to share it with, which I don't. Wonder why it isn't sold at Nouri's. I'm going there Saturday and will ask.


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