Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Follow this diet for sex past 90

The September-October 2009 issue of AARP The Magazine has a remarkable story on the longevity of the people who live on the isolated Greek island of Ikaria.

Of course, some of the reasons revolve around their diet: wild greens, with more antioxidants than red wine; herbal teas, which lower blood pressure; goat's milk, rich in a blood-pressure-lowering hormone as well as antibacterial compounds; a Mediterranean diet high in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, olive oil and fish; Greek honey, which has health benefits not found in American honey; and home-baked sourdough bread, which may stave off diabetes.

They also walk everywhere and have strong social connections.

"Over centuries with no outside influences," the article says, "island natives developed a distinctive outlook on life, including relentless optimism and a propensity for partying, both of which reduce stress. Ikarians go to bed well after midnight, sleep late, and take daily naps. Based on our interviews, we have reason to believe that most Ikarians over 90 are sexually active."

Read the whole story on the magazine's Web site:

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