Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A fresh look at South Paterson

My insatiable fellow food blogger, Jason Perlow, has been exploring the Middle Eastern bakeries, restaurants and food shops in the South Paterson section of Paterson, and I've been remiss in not supplying the link to his reports.

Here it is, finally:

If his photos don't make you salivate, there is just no hope for you. Main Street in South Paterson is one of North Jersey's great food streets, so get out there and explore it.


  1. I have been going to Al Safa for a few years now. It previously had only a few tables however they expanded in the past year. This location used to be a restaurant called Aleppo Restaurant and before that I believe it was a restaurant called Jerusalem Restaurant. My wife and I enjoy the mixed grill, which includes chicken kebab, shish kebab and kefta kebab. Service is friendly and prices are reasonable.

  2. I remember the old Aleppo Restaurant and ate there once. The new Aleppo Restaurant is now at Main and Thomas streets, opposite the library, and the food is good there. Are they the same owners? Jason Perlow, author of Off The Broiler food blog, wrote about Al-Safa recently.


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