Monday, September 7, 2009

Focus on Middle Eastern food

It's not too often I can recommend a food article in The Record of Hackensack, where the 30-year-olds demonstrate their limited knowledge of northern New Jersey every day.

But today, restaurant reviewer Elisa Ung does a decent job on what she now calls the "Middle Eastern market" on and off Main Street in Paterson's South Paterson section -- the bakeries, restaurants and other shops I have been patronizing for decades. She stops at Syrian, Lebanese, Palestinian and Turkish businesses, including a couple of newish ones I'd like to explore. This article comes only a couple of months after she incorrectly described the same area as a "Turkish enclave" and "Little Istanbul."

Unfortunately, she ignores Corrado's Family Affair, the ethnic supermarket with an incredible bread aisle, just over the Paterson border on Main Avenue in Clifton.

Here is the link to the article:

It's one in a series called "Progressive Dining," a phrase that has never been defined by the reporter. As usual, she manages to eat a lot of food in just a couple of hours.


  1. I have to be honest, I go to Corrado's at least once a week but I have noticed the quality of the fruits and vegetables are not what they once were. The bread aisle is still fantastic. Check out Brothers on Railway Avenue & Crooks Avenue, it reminds me of what Corrado's was like when I was a young boy.

  2. Not only that, Corrado's sometimes sell organic spring mix past the expiration date and covers the date with a price sticker. I go there only occasionally, for bread, grated cheese and cheap imported wine. I'll have to check out Brothers. Thanks.


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