Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Good supermarket buys

Today through Saturday, ShopRite supermarkets are knocking down the price of free-range Australian beef tenderloin to $3.99 a pound with the Price Club Card. It's sold under the Nature's Reserve label.

The whole tenderloin is shrink-wrapped, but there is usually a lot of blood and you'll have to trim some fat. But you'll get a dozen or more small steaks and, sliced thin, some Korean-style barbecue meat. The meat, raised without antibiotics or hormones, is chewy and has a nice beefy taste.

Live lobsters are $4.99 a pound at ShopRite with the club card.

My wife picked up a seedless watermelon this week at Costco in Hackensack for $4.99. The next day, Tuesday, I shopped at H Mart in Little Ferry, where they were going for $3.99 each.

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