Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oddities in the produce aisle

I never know what I will find at the big Korean supermarket in Little Ferry known as H Mart.

I went shopping for fish and okra for last night's dinner and saw three items I've never heard of in the produce section: banana flowers, Chinese okra and nagaimo.

The first two were from Mexico, and the Chinese okra was more than two feet long. Nagaimo, which appears to be a large root, comes from Japan packed in sawdust. I have no idea what you do with them.

There are two other H Marts nearby, in Englewood and Ridgefield. They formerly were called Han Ah Reum.


  1. H-Mart's produce is real hit or miss, sometimes its not particularly fresh. Their produce prices aren't all that great either. I usually get the scallops from there, their fish department is great.

  2. I think produce problems come from transporting the stuff great distances and storing it, sometimes improperly. Yesterday, I got an enormous head of romaine lettuce at H Mart for 79 cents and a smaller head of red lettuce for 99 cents. Pitted dates were $1.99 for 10 ounces and Earthbound Farms organic carrots, $4.99 for five pounds.


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