Monday, June 13, 2016

Small portions and high prices at Angelo's Greek Taverna in Maywood

On Saturday night, we ordered takeout from Angelo's Greek Taverna in Maywood, including this pricey appetizer of Homemade Stuffed Dolmades without chopped meat. We got five small dolmades for $7.95 or $1.59 each.

A special included five large shrimp, but they were badly overcooked. My wife complained they were "hard as a rock." The entree came with side dishes of vegetables and roasted potatoes, above, plus a small soup, but was priced at $25.95, which seems high. A small Avgolemono Soup was $4.95.


Is it fair to judge a restaurant by its takeout? 

Let's put it this way. After we had a bad experience ordering takeout from Angelo's Greek Taverna in Maywood, we certainly have no interest in dining out there.

Late Saturday afternoon, tired from a day trip to the shore, we looked at an online menu; ordered a soup, appetizer and entree, and picked up the order.

Over the phone, the server gave me the total of $41.57, which seemed like a lot, because most entrees listed online were about $15 to $17.

My wife wanted orzo with shrimp, a dish she fell in love with when we patronized It's Greek To Me in Englewood.

But the server said the restaurant had a special of orzo with lamb shank, and couldn't make us orzo with shrimp.

That's how we got the skewered shrimp special for $25.95.

To make matters worse, the restaurant overcooked the shrimp, and my wife hated them.

Angelo's Greek Taverna is at 245 Maywood Ave., next to Maywood's historic train station or about a dozen blocks from West Pleasant Avenue, the main business district where Seafood Gourmet and other restaurants operate.

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