Monday, June 6, 2016

Good buys on organic eggs, fresh whole fish, sweet potatoes, olives

PESTO AND EGGS: Two dozen Kirkland Signature Organic Eggs are a good deal at the regular price of $6.99, but at the Costco Wholesale in the Teterboro Landing shopping center, an instant coupon dropped that to $4.99. Here, I poached two eggs in marinara sauce, served them over organic brown rice and added pesto for the Italian colors: Green, white and red.

PASTA AND EGGS: Two organic eggs served over whole-wheat Garofalo Pappardelle -- a wide ribbon pasta from Italy -- with anchovies and sardines in marinara or what I like to call a seafood bolognese.

BIG EYES: Fresh wild-caught Ocean Perch look like Red Snapper, but at $2.99 a pound costs less than half the price. I bought these at H Mart, 260 Bergen Turnpike, Little Ferry, and poached them in a light sauce of organic chicken stock, sake, miso and minced garlic.

SWEET ON POTATOES: Three pounds of Organic Sweet Potatoes in a net bag are $4.49 at Trader Joe's, 404 Route 17 north, Paramus. Here, I drained steaming skin-on pieces with peeled garlic cloves I had boiled for about an hour, and mashed them with extra-virgin olive oil and seasonings, including curry powder, cinnamon, red-pepper flakes, sea salt and black pepper, below.
SKIP THE BREAD: Mashed sweet potatoes, here with roughly chopped fresh mint, are a great bread substitute in a breakfast of eggs, fish and sauteed spinach. 
SWEET-POTATO FRITTATA: Organic sweet potato slices, Campari Tomato halves and Kirkland Signature Basil Pesto from Costco Wholesale top a 10-inch frittata of whole eggs and whites, and two kinds of grated cheese, below.

FOUR CUPS: You'll need about 4 cups of whole eggs and whites for a 10-inch frittata. Set the crust of the frittata over a medium flame on the stove, finish under the broiler and add the pesto after you remove the pan from the oven.
PASTA WITH OLIVES: Cans of ShopRite Pitted Black Olives were on sale for 88 cents each at the Paramus store, compared to the regular price of $1.19. A 1-pound package of Luigi Vitelli-brand Organic Whole Wheat Fusilli was $1.29. Here, I prepared the fusilli and olives in a combination of marinara and vodka sauces, with three cans of Moroccan sardines. Two bunches of fresh spinach sauteed in olive oil and sake -- on sale for 99 cents at the Super H Mart, 321 Broad Ave., Ridgefield -- made a great side dish.


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