Friday, June 10, 2016

Home cooking: Icelandic Golden Redfish and other good things to eat

I brought home Icelandic Golden Redfish in a California Orange Marinade from The Fish Dock at 219A Closter Dock Road in Closter; added pitted olives, Campari Tomatoes, lime juice and chopped fresh mint, and popped the takeout tray into a preheated 400-degree oven.

About 15 minutes later, dinner was served. The marinade, imported from Germany, includes canola oil, salt, orange granules and peel, and lemon-juice powder. It's gluten free and non-GMO, according to The Fish Dock, which is owned and operated by Icelanders (201-564-7939).


This seafood lover has a new mantra:

When in Closter, stop at The Fish Dock and check out the selection of fresh fish flown in from Iceland.

On Thursday, I found fillets of wild-caught Golden Redfish with and without a marinade ($12.99 a pound and $14.99 a pound, respectively).

I chose the marinated fish, and when I got home, added olives, tomatoes and a couple other things before putting the takeout container into a preheated 400-degree oven for 15 minutes.

I plated the moist, flaky fish, poured a glass of red wine and finished with a big salad of red-and green-leaf lettuce from our garden, dressed simply with extra-virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Two fillets weighing about 1.2 pounds fed three people.

When cooked, Golden Redfish breaks into large, meaty flakes.
Ling, Wolffish, Icelandic Salmon and other fillets were available when I dropped into The Fish Dock on Thursday afternoon.

A 10-inch pesto and sweet-potato frittata I made early in the week kept on giving. Here, I enjoyed a wedge with leftover falafel and hummus, a small sweet potato and sauteed spinach.

An organic egg with shredded cheese, Aleppo pepper and chopped fresh mint is wonderful eaten over organic whole-wheat fusilli prepared in a red sauce with sardines, especially when you break the yoke over the pasta.

For a hearty breakfast, a simple egg-white omelet joins sauteed spinach, sweet potato and coarse brown bulgur wheat. I added Mexican-style salsa to the bulgur and sweet potato before reheating them.

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