Saturday, November 28, 2015

Big sale on family size Victoria Pasta Sauces at Paramus ShopRite

Victoria Vodka Sauce in a 40-ounce jar, above, and Victoria Marinara are on sale for $3.49 each at ShopRite in Paramus, compared to $4.50 for the same marinara sauce at Costco Wholesale in Teterboro.


ShopRite in Paramus is having a 2-day sale through today, and Victoria pasta sauces are among the bargains.

Victoria Vodka Sauce, one of the few made without heavy cream, is $3.49 in a 40-ounce jar, a discount of $3.90 with the store's Price Plus Club Card.

The family size Victoria Marinara, which has no added sugar, unlike many others, also is $3.49.

None of the other Victoria varieties, such as Low-Sodium Marinara, are available at that sale price.

The 4o-ounce jar provides plenty of sauce to dress a full pound of organic whole-wheat pasta.

You also can use marinara to poach eggs or in an omelet with sauteed spinach and reduced fat cheese.

Out front on ingredients

The six to 12 ingredients in Victoria Pasta Sauces are listed on the front label.

On the back label, the marinara carries the stamp of the Non-GMO Project, meaning the sauce doesn't contain any genetically modified ingredients.

Even a great marinara sauce like Victoria can be improved with the addition of red wine, extra-virgin olive oil, anchovies, dried or fresh herbs and red-pepper flakes.

Besides pasta sauce, I picked up BPA-free plastic storage containers for $3.99, supposedly a discount of $4 (20 pieces).

ShopRite pitted olives, 3-inch basket coffee filters and Smart Balance Spread also were on sale.

Luigi Vitelli-brand Organic Whole Wheat Pasta from Italy in a 16-ounce package is always on sale at the Paramus ShopRite for $1.25. The package for the whole-wheat capellini, one of several shapes available, has been redesigned.

A 5-pound box of Clementines from Morocco was $4.99 on Friday. I prefer clementines from Spain.

A good buy on batteries?

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